Our cats:

this is Nynke

female, born October 18, 2007

After a few months without cats in our lives, we decided to adopt a kitten from the asylum. We immediately fell for the gorgious looking Nynke.
She turned out to be quite different from our previous cats. Though very affectionate, she loves to be outdoors and is 'on adventure' every single night. The mice in the neighbourhood are her primary target; and she's a sklilled hunter!



In memoriam:

Jitse2004.jpg - 53155 Bytes

this is Jitse

male, April 4 1989 - August 1 2007

Jitse hated intrusions, especially in the form of paper being shoved through the mailbox.
The postman often complained about being attacked (quite interesting reading material actually), so we tried to keep Jitse inside until the mail had arrived and we put up a sign to warn people.
But even from inside Jitse could be very dangerous and we had to put up a second sign on the mailbox saying "mind your fingers!" . And even if we did get mail, we often find it completely torn up (as in this picture).
As he grew older, he mellowed down, and in his last years he was a very affectionate cat. Jitse reached the age of 18. We loved him dearly, and will miss him very much.


Jerke2004.jpg - 51362 Bytes

this is Jerke

female, May 20th 1985- January 7 2005

Jerke almost reached the age of 20, which is very old for a cat.
She was too good to be true: the most adorable cat you could imagine, a real teddybear in disguise.

We miss her dearly, every single day....

famke.jpg - 53236 Bytes

this is Famke

female, May 20th 1985- ????.

Famke was Jerke's twin sister.
She got lost on April 29th 1990. We still miss her and keep wondering what happened to her. She was pretty smart, so perhaps she managed to stay alive and found a good home elsewhere and lived for many many years. One can only hope..

mourka.jpg - 39308 Bytes

this is Mourka

female, 1980-1984

Mourka was our first cat; a very loveable cat. We found her as an abandoned kitten in the woods.
She had a lot of health problems, so it's no wonder she lived only a short 4 years. But 4 happy years..

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