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I 've divided them into these categories:

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    Star Trek sites

    of course there are thousands, but I mention just a few here...

    startrekcomsthe official Paramount site
    Flying DutchThe Dutch Star Trek Fan Club
    Star Trek: NEXUSOnly the best Star Trek sites are linked here!!

    Other Wallpaper Sites

    If you enjoy wallpaper, you might also like these sites:
    stcomwallpaperthe official Paramount site also offers some awesome Star Trek wallpapers. Be sure to check them out!!
    WALLPAPER CENTRAL no wallpaper on the site itself, but a great guide: a link site to other wallpaper sites, by category.
    wallpapers a nice guide to all kinds of wallpapers
    Screen Saver Heavenif you're looking for that special screen saver..

    Movie sites

    Internet Movie Database movdatbas.jpg .991 Kthe answer to all your movie questions is here!
    The Movie Sounds pagegreat site with lots of movie sound bits
    Paramount Studiosthe Studio that makes all those great Star Trek movies

    Software sites

    Shareware.comhere you can find almost any shareware program!
    The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software tucow.gif .253 Klots of shareware!
    No NagsThe place for really FREE software

    Other Free stuff

    there are lots of sites that offer free stuff. I found these the most useful:
    lcars24 LCARS 24 is designed to be installed on its own computer for use as a clock, but it's also a complete alternative GUI with many LCARS apps. DOS\FreeDOS version (runs under XP but not reliably, because of Windows power management). Here are some screenshots.
    Here's the project page at SourceForge, where you can select the latest version or source code for free download.
    The Free Site here you'll find loads and loads of links to sites with frees stuff (graphics, banners, sounds, screen savers, etc.etc). A very useful site!

    Just for Fun

    snoopy.coma fresh cartoon every day
    Games Domaina gamer's paradise: cheats, demos, etc.
    Of course, I can think of a lot more "Fun" sites, but it's best I keep those to myself...............

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    August 12, 2005

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